Digital Printed Bottles

We are the first company in Europe offering digital printed sports bottles and protein shakers. Find out how this new technology can boost your brand.  

1. Full Colour Printing

This fantastic printing technique enables us to print logos and coporate branding messages never before acheivable. The printing is direct to product and uses the latest technology to create a full colour image from dots of CMYK inks. 

2. 360 Degree Printing

This technique does not require any screens and as a result can be used to print non-flat objects and no flat parts of the bottle. Look how effective a 360 print over the fingergrips can be.

3. Gloss Finish

Using a specially developed varnish our print is protected by a glossy coat that is totally dishwasher safe. It also makes the colours extra vibrant! 

4.  Reduced Costs

Traditionally, screen-printing bottles with multi colour logos is time consuming and as a result expensive. Not any more, a  digital print containing any number of colours costs exactly the same as a digital print with just one colour.

5. No MOQ's

Using the software produced by our friends over at we are able to offer any order quantity right down to one of off pieces. 

6. Large Print Area

Digital Printing allows us to offer an increased print area on all the products. This gives the biggest possible branding area and maximises our customers corporate images. Print heads are 70mm high and although there may be a stitching line where these heads join we endeavour to limit the impact on the design.   




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